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People may think that Real Estate is A bit of socializing here, showing a few homes there, and boom! You’re writing a contract and doing deals, all the while making fat stacks on commission. but the truth is being a successful realtor is the result of long hours and hard work. The team at The Assistants Company understands this.

You work long days and miss out on family events because your clients want an offer ready Sunday afternoon. Your schedule may run into evenings and weekends, so you enjoy downtime whenever you can find it!

Most realtors still work alone or in small teams so there’s always plenty of work to do. Showing homes, keeping in touch with past clients and staying on top of postings and social media. It’s a lot to manage!

That’s why Our virtual assistants specialize in real estate business support. A real estate virtual assistant manages business tasks without the costs and risks involved in hiring in-house employees. They also have the necessary flexibility that’s crucial for realtors that need support but work atypical schedules.

 Your Virtual Assistant is your employee and will perform any Task that can be performed using a computer, Phone and Via the Internet . 

When you Hire from us - You receive a Pre Trained Virtual Assistant who has been trained in assisting Realtors / Property Management Companies / Real Estate Agents / Brokers & More . 

At The Assistants Company we have Dedicated Department for Real Estate because we understand the requirements Better . 

Our Virtual Assistants will Help you Focus on Closing more Deals , Because you have Outsourced Everything Else to us . 

Package Starts at $ 4.95 / Hour .

Contact a Service Counselor Today  & tell us about your Business Goals and Needs .

Every Virtual Assistant hired from us can Perform the following Tasks& more

Appointment Fixing

Schedule / Calendar Management

Travel & Event Planning

Client Support / Correspondence

Phone Answering

Listings Management

General Administrative Support

Outbound Cold Calling

Payment Recovery Calls

Social Media Management

Website Building

Website Maintaining

Phone Answering

Simple Graphic Designing

Quick Books


Local MLS Listings

Experienced in using Zillow / Trulia / Redfin etc. 

Trained to Cold Call to help you get More Listings .

Internet Research 

Targeted Marketing for your Database

Office Admin Tasks ... & More

Included in every package :

FREE Services of  an Operations Manager

Daily Work Report

100% Work Satisfaction Guarantee 

Flexible Hours & Days 

Non Disclosure Agreement 

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 Virtual Assistant Services are becoming one of the most desired business concepts throughout the world. A virtual assistant is a highly-skilled, independent professional who works virtually or remotely for a particular client.